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Confidence in christ as the foundation for identity

This breakout session was given by Rebekah Hannah at the 2016 Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Ministry to suffering people after a miscarriage

This breakout session was given by Rebekah Hannah at the 2015 Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

A biblical response to miscarriage

On this edition of Truth in Love, Dr. Lambert talks with Rebekah Hannah about how Christians should respond to miscarriage. Rebekah Hannah offers biblical guidance for women who have had miscarriages and for Christians who want to love their friends who have experienced miscarriages. Check out the transcript here

How Jesus Grieved 

Jesus responded to grief with perfect faith in God. Because he did, we now have a perfect example to seek our Father in prayer when we encounter grief that overwhelms us.

When jesus wept

When Jesus weeps over death in the Bible, he physically and emotionally responds to the pain and suffering around him.


Christian Union

a distinctive call

We are all disciples of someone.  We all have someone in mind we want to emulate. We dress like others. We talk like others. We do what other people ...


For the church

5 discipleship don'ts

Discipleship is about helping a disciple faithfully relate to Jesus, not to you. 


The ethics & religious liberty commission

How to help the addict

She shivered in the church pew trying to stop shaking, but the drug withdrawal had begun. He finally confessed that after months of saying he had stopped, his addiction to pornography was still alive and growing. The young woman tearfully...


The gospel Coalition

Pregnancy after miscarriage

Pretending I'm in better shape than I am is simply a paved way to hell, not hope.

The fruit of grief in marriage

I stood in front of two women, one 35 weeks pregnant; the other listening intently to her story. Then something miraculous happened.

sisters, beware the cloning wars

Social media and church programs project pictures of 'godly women,' and in return we begin cloning instead of discipling.