Parenting. Everyone has an opinion. Even if we pretend not to have an opinion, we have an opinion. Even when we say we’re not judgmental, we still make judgments each day as we choose to do one kind of parenting over another. We read Facebook posts, blog posts and endless “happiest baby” books. We watch our parents, their parents, our friends and strangers. We hear the parents on the subways, at social events, PTA meetings and church gatherings. We listen to commercials, movies, sitcoms, sermons and podcasts. We laugh. We mourn. We struggle. We suffer. We rejoice. We love. We get angry. We survive. We seek help. We pray. We fail. We triumph . . . all in a days work of parenting.

We have this amazing Creator who knits children together in wombs as unique individuals and there are a million different scenarios in which to figure out the best way to proceed with each one of them. Therefore, seeking to understand God’s Word in parenting can be potentially overwhelming. When there are biblical helps that come along, we should grab hold and use them to aid our understanding as we seek to know what God’s Word has to say. Yes, we need to be reminded to give grace, to share the gospel over and over and to not be law-driven parents. Yet what that looks like can often be confusing, especially when things don't go "as planned." Sometimes we need to know how to give actual legs to the beautiful gospel that we desire to share with our children. The Bible is not an exhaustive handbook for specific situations, but it does tell us what we need to know live a life of godliness. And thankfully we have his Spirit to give us supernatural help needed to be faithful with that knowledge.

And that is why we are giving away of The Faithful Parent by Stuart Scott and Martha Peace.

Stuart Scott says the purpose of The Faithful Parent is “to provide an encouraging, refining and practical book on parenting that addressed both typical and tough issues form a different yet biblical perspective: God’s and the Parent’s faithfulness rather than the “product” or the outcome.”

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