Gospel Taboo exists to tell the truth in the tough places; to venture into undiscussed territory—the taboo topics and the hard questions about ordinary things. 

What we believe about God and what he’s up to informs how we live. At Gospel Taboo, we seek to present Scripture’s helpful confrontation to practical life issues, encouraging faithfulness to Jesus at the heart's core. 

We’re a contributor-based platform, hosting writers from different denominations, backgrounds, lifestyles and locations. Our writers are involved in the life of the church through teaching, counseling, and discipleship, working to write out of what they live and live out what they write. To stay true to our mission, we need to continue to present a variety of perspectives on a variety of issues.

If you think you can help us do that, we’d love to hear from you.

Submission Guidelines

If you’re interested in writing for Gospel Taboo, please take some time to familiarize yourself with our past content and consider the following questions:

+ What gives you credibility to write about your topic? We’re looking for writers who are first practitioners—people who can write about ministry because they’re doing it. In your submission, please tell us a little about yourself—where you live and work, what you’re passionate about, and what qualifies you to write on your topic of interest.

+ Is your approach to your topic helpful? There are many good blogs out there, and repetition of topics and ideas is a certainty. But we’re looking for articles that not only contribute to ongoing discussions, but advance the conversation toward practical application. 

+ What makes your article a good fit for Gospel Taboo? Does your piece address a taboo topic with theological clarity? Does it ask new and challenging questions about a familiar issue? Is it theologically precise as well as practical and helpful?

If one or more of these are true, we'd love for you to submit an article for consideration!