Gospel Taboo  is the gathering of different mediums that pose (and hopefully sometimes answer) theological questions to an uncertain life. We believe our fundamental theology as individuals inform how we each live on a daily basis. We are committed to writing about and posting the best of what we are reading, watching or hearing on the interwebs and beyond. Our contributors are a combination of very different people with different backgrounds, different perspectives, different lifestyles living in different places. 

We love the Bible and believe that it was written by God without error; that Jesus is the one and only Son of God. We also believe that no one can have a relationship with God unless they believe and confess Jesus as their Savior-- meaning, we as people are desperately wicked, God is shockingly holy and Jesus was a perfect man (but also God) who died a real death that paid for our wickedness. It's an amazing and true story that we'd be damned without.  

Caveat: even if you don't believe this to be true, you can still be here and we welcome you to join in on the conversation. We want to love like Jesus loves, but fail to do that all the time. So forgive us when we fail. We also want to think like Jesus thinks, so help us by continuing to spur one another (and us) on towards God, loving and knowing Him. 

We are place for both men and women. We welcome those who are married, single, widowed, workers, college students and grandparents. More than anything, we welcome the curious, the tired, the hopeless and the hopefull. We welcome the thinker, the dreamer and the ungrounded. We welcome the tortured, the hurting, the pastor, the addict and the redeemed. So pretty much everyone. 

*Super Cool Note- just because someone contributes a piece to Gospel Taboo does not mean we personally agree with everything they have written everywhere or believed at all times and in all places. The point is to help others think well and deeply about our Creator and how that translates to daily life.  

We'd also like to hear your ideas. But keep in mind to be kind and gracious. We like help, but we really like grace. 


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